The Bill Wyndham & Co Real Estate Team is a professional, independent agency with offices in Bairnsdale and Orbost. We have a very dedicated team who are there to help you sell your property at the maximum price in the minimum time.

Sales Dates

2017 - 2018

Our staff has experience in all aspects of real estate including rural, residential, commercial appraisals, auctions and property management. All sales staff are local residents who have an excellent knowledge of the area. They enjoy an established network of contacts both local and interstate.

We keep our clients informed at all stages of property sales and offer reliable advice. The selection of an agent for the sale of your property is a big decision. Bill Wyndham & Co exists on the reputation it has established since 1948.

When you appoint Bill Wyndham & Co as your agent, you can be assured of receiving nothing less than the best of service.

Behind the person solely responsible for the sale of your property the whole Bill Wyndham & Co team is working for you. Every member will be versed on your property and will be more than willing to pass on information to prospective purchasers.

Working harder for your sale is what we are all about. Our sales team is available 7 days a week to encourage more enquiries, as well as weekend inspections.

Feel free to contact our real estate division at your earliest convenience to “get the ball rolling”. Our entire team is ready to assist you.

Bairnsdale Agents

Contact our livestock professionals out of Bairnsdale

Gerard Ogilvie

Livestock salesman


Colin Jones

Colin Jones

Auctioneer / Livestock Salesman



Zach Clark

Trainee Livestock Salesman


Jake Fullgrabe

Jake Fullgrabe

Auctioneer/Livestock Salesmen


Orbost Agents

Contact our livestock professionals out of Orbost

Bill Downey

Livestock Salesman