Bill Wyndham & Co.


Your trusted livestock agents since 1948

At Bill Wyndham & Company, we pride ourselves on having a team of passionate and knowledgeable Livestock Specialists. We guarantee that you will always consult with a trusted agent who understands the unique conditions of staying across market trends and developments in livestock. We strive to be more than just service providers; we aim to be your trusted partners in success.


Contact our livestock professionals out of Bairnsdale

Colin Jones

Auctioneer / Livestock Salesman

Office Bairnsdale
Mobile 0400 830 531

Gerard Ogilvie

Livestock salesman

Office Bairnsdale
Mobile 0408 530 533

Jake Fullgrabe

Auctioneer/Livestock Salesmen

Office Bairnsdale
Mobile 0437 999 943

Connor McCormack

Livestock Salesman

Office Bairnsdale
Mobile 0467 771 340

Mick O'Callaghan

Livestock Salesman

Office Bairnsdale
Mobile 0447 258 515

Nick Adams

Livestock Salesman

Office Bairnsdale
Mobile 0457 033 690


Contact our livestock professional out of Orbost

Bill Downey

Orbost Livestock Salesman

Office Orbost
Mobile 0409 038 280

Omeo/Benambra Agent

Contact our professional out of Omeo/Benambra

Chris Connley

Omeo/Benambra Agent

Mobile 0437 065 468