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Selling your property - A reliable marketing strategy

Q. What strategies are available for selling property through Bill Wyndham & Co? A. The Auction system is a popular strategy that works particularly well with period style homes and farms. Many other styles of home have also benefited by the competition that is generated through this very public style of sale. A five week advertising program designed especially for your property will ensure the market is aware of your forthcoming auction. Private Selling is divided into 2 strategies. Firstly, with advertising and open times as per the auction system, but with a firm asking price. Each home is an individual case that requires careful assessment and a strategy that suits. We are very particular about advice we offer regarding the sales strategy most appropriate for your property.

Q. How will my home be advertised?  A. An advertising campaign starts with our auction or private sales boards, distinctive in style and well recognised throughout the area. From there we concentrate on the type of advertising that will best suit your property. Our local paper advertising is stylish, clear and attractive. Increasingly, the Internet offers a practical and popular method of advertising. At Bill Wyndham & Co we have recognised this trend and work strenuously to provide ‘cutting edge’ Internet services for our clients through our own website: and

Q. I want the best price possible for my home. Can I be certain you will get it? A. Our pledge is to get you the best price. Through a proven market strategy, based on extensive local knowledge, current property trends, comparable sales data, the combined effort of our sales team and genuine care and concern for our clients, we are confident that the best possible price will be achieved. Our sales team understands the importance of working tirelessly to ensure the best possible result for you. Bill Wyndham & Co is in the business for the ‘long haul’ and our reputation is important to this end.

Q. What makes Bill Wyndham & Co better at marketing your home? A. At Bill Wyndham & Co we have a progressive marketing attitude, and are clearly a dominant force in the area. We continually assess and research advertising to ensure results. This knowledge is of great practical benefit when marketing your home because we fully understand the marketing tools that are best for your property. Your home is unique and we will tailor our marketing towards getting the best possible result for you, by using the vast range of resources at our disposal. You need to have confidence in your agent being fully prepared. This means leaving nothing to chance in the overall marketing of your home, including all the small details. At Bill Wyndham & Co our professionalism and dedication to our clients ensures you will have confidence in our agency, its people and processes.

The main considerations to bear in mind when choosing a method of sale are:

  • The type of property to be sold
  • The area & environment in which the property is located
  • The state of the market for your type of property
  • The professional skills and resources of the Agent
  • Your own marketing preferences and personal circumstances We at Bill Wyndham & Co will be pleased to appraise your property (without any cost or obligation) and can advise which method may best suit your property and your personal circumstances.

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